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                    Luzhou Yingcai School

                  luzhou Group has been paying much attention to the talent training with the guarantee of sufficient funds, the experienced teachers and the advanced education facilities. It invested 3 millions to establish the Talent Training School includes the Pre-primary School,the Primary School,the Middle School.
                  Different lessons will be given to the students according to their interests and aptitude,such as English class for the primary and the computer skill for the middle School etc. The purpose of this education is to develop a new generation with a solid

                  foundation,qualified ability,perfect character,comprehensive virtue and higher intelligence.
                  With the practical spirit,scientific attitude and positive style of study,the Talent School has gained much prestige in our country.

                  TEL:0539-2323171                                    Zip code: 276400
                  Address: No.18 Luzhou Road, Yishui, Shandong Province, PRC  
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